Initial Meeting

We will meet with you and your spouse/partner to identify and understand your and your family’s specific goals and objectives. We believe the ability to clearly identify such goals (and where necessary develop and refine them with you) is the key to successful financial planning.

Give you a clear picture of now and the future

Following our initial discussions we will prepare a clear and comprehensive picture of your current financial position.

Using our specialised financial software we then undertake detailed financial forecasting and testing designed to illustrate the achievement of future goals and objectives. It sounds complicated but remember we do this hardwork not you.

At the same time we undertake a detailed analysis of your plan to:

  • Maximise its suitability and responsiveness to possible changes in circumstances,
  • Minimise your and your family’s current and future taxation liabilities,
  • Identify and recommend the best action for any weaknesses identified,
  • Advise in relation to any opportunities we identify and how to maximise them
  • Model what your financial future will or can look like using a variety of “what if” scenarios which we will devise with you.  Change the inputs and instantly see  the results
  • Provide you with meaningful insights and implementable advice in a totally unbiased, objective manner.

Your Tailored Financial Report

Upon completion of our analysis we will walk you and your spouse/ partner through your financial plan and detailed report. This report will be provided to you in soft and hard format and will include our detailed analysis, summary of recommendations and implementation strategy.

Take Action

As your personal financial adviser we will be happy to liaise with your other Advisers (Accountant, Tax Advisor, Solicitor, Broker, and Investment Manager) to guide and help you in implementing your financial plan and importantly monitoring your financial performance.


Typically from the time of our initial engagement to completion of plan will be 3 to 4 weeks and will require 2 to 3 meetings. We envisage a total time commitment from you of between 4 to 5 hours over this time.

Our personalised service is normally provided within the client’s home and can be undertaken at a time most convenient for you and your spouse/partner (evening or early morning appointments can be scheduled)